How to watch the Honor Play launch live

 Honor is about to launch one of the most exciting phones of the year for people who care about their bank balance as much as cutting-edge tech. It’s the Honor Play. 

We’ve already met the phone in person, and if you’re a gamer, a demanding user or just someone after a high-end model that doesn’t cost a packet, you need to pay attention.  

The phone is about to get a full global launch at the IFA tech show in Berlin - and Honor still has another secret to reveal too. And you can watch it from your computer.

To get the low-down as it happens, tune into Honor’s live stream of the launch. You can watch it, drum roll, right here. 

Honor will stream the event from YouTube, and the video below goes live at 13:00 on today. 

So, why should you care about this phone? The Honor Play has all the essential elements of a phone made for enthusiasts like us. First, it has a big 6.3-inch screen that, thanks to an ultra-long 19.5:9 aspect ratio, won’t make your strain your fingers just to hold the thing. 

The Honor Play is also, amazingly, as powerful as some of the most celebrated phones of the year. It uses the same CPU as the impressive Huawei P20 Pro, an octa-core Kirin 970. That’s serious power.

There’s GPU Turbo optimisation inside too, which maximises performance in games to make sure the most demanding 3D titles run like a dream. 

Honor has even come up with a 4D “Smart Shock” gaming mode. This makes the Honor Play’s vibrate motor react to the action on-screen in games, including PUBG. Smart Shock is like the rumble function of a console gamepad. 

Finally, a large 3750mAh battery will last for up to 1.5 days of heavy use. The Honor Play is a bit of a dream phone. 

More secrets to share

But why should we tune in to the launch when we already know its vitals? Two of the most important stats are missing - plus that mystery reveal is something you’ll be itching to find out more about.

How much will the Honor Play cost, and when can we get our hands on it? This is what we want, what we need, to know.

If some rivals released a phone like this, you’d expect it to cost a lot. An awful lot. However, Honor has a history of making super-powered phones like this accessible to an audience who traditionally just wouldn’t have been able to afford models at this level. 

The Honor 10 and Honor 9 Lite are two of the best examples of this in action that you can still buy today. For just $460/£369.99 the Honor 10 can challenge some of the year’s most expensive phones. And the Honor 9 Lite gets you a Full HD+ resolution screen for under $190/£150. 

Honor performs mini phone miracles, and we’re hoping for more of the same magic on 30 August. The Honor Play lands somewhere between those two phones in terms of its spec. We can’t wait to see exactly where its price will land. 

Make sure to come back to this page at 13:00 BST to see if the Honor Play should be your next phone.