How Nextbase's next-gen Dash Cams can make our car journeys safer

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Imagine if a gadget could save you money, fight fraudsters and maybe even save your life. That's what a Nextbase Dash Cam, also known as an in-car camera, can do.

It can get you a significant discount on your car insurance. It can make sure you don't get blamed for other people's mistakes, careless driving or outright fakery. And if you get into trouble, it can even contact the emergency services and let them know where you are. 

Smart, safe and amazingly affordable, Nextbase's Series 2 Dash Cams are the perfect present for friends or family. They're a pretty great present for yourself too.

Why every driver needs a Dash Cam

As the roads get ever busier, driving gets even scarier. We've all seen them: the boy racers pushing their luck; the tired office worker drifting off at the wheel of their BMW. When you look at the state of some of the driving out there it's a miracle that most of us make it home with our cars intact.

But of course, we don't always manage to avoid the distracted, the drowsy and the downright dangerous. And if you've ever had to claim on your car insurance you'll know how frustrating the aftermath of any impact can be – especially if the other person refuses to admit that it was their fault or worse, lie about the entire incident.

A dash cam protects your reputation and your premiums. Some 39% of insurers' fault decisions, decisions that can lead to much higher insurance premiums, would be changed if there were video evidence proving that the driver was innocent. A dash cam gets you that evidence instantly.

In some cases, a dash cam even saves you money when nobody's banged into you. Many insurers will cut their prices by as much as 30% if you have a Nextbase Dash Cam fitted.

If everyone drove around with a dash cam, we think the roads would be a lot safer. Drivers would be more careful in a world of camera-equipped cars, and dash cams could eradicate common frauds such as the "cash for crash" criminals who deliberately cause accidents and who've been linked to over 22,500 cases of fraud in the last ten years. 

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A smart upgrade for any car

A dash cam is a smart add-on for any car of any age, but unfortunately all dash cams are not created equally. 

With a 1440p video sensor, a Nextbase Dash Cam can capture number plates perfectly, but some lesser cameras struggle to see more than a blur. And not all dash cams have the same 60fps, 1080p recording mode as a Nextbase, ensuring there's no loss of detail on high-speed roads such as motorways.

There's a lot of innovation happening in automatic in-car cameras right now, and camera sensors are just part of it. Nextbase Dash Cams use multi-layer glass lenses to deliver more precise pictures, while their new rear camera options enable you to record what's happening all around your car, not just what's in front of you. 

Even the mounts are getting smarter: Nextbase's clever, patented Click&Go Pro system uses clever neodymium magnets to click the Dash Cam into place behind your rear-view mirror so it’s completely out of sight. 

The new generation of Nextbase Dash Cams have a ground-breaking new safety feature called Emergency SOS, which is particularly useful for driving on rural roads and for night time driving. 

It can automatically detect a crash, and if it senses that you're unable to use your phone it automatically connects to it and alerts the security services. It uses GPS to tell them exactly where you are, and if you've entered the info in the MyNextbase Connect App it can even let them know if you’re allergic to specific medications or if you have a rare blood type. 

It's a great example of how technology can be literally life-saving.

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Why you need a Nextbase

Nextbase is Europe's number one dash cam brand and a firm favourite among UK drivers. That's because it's a UK company with UK-based design, software and support: it knows the roads you're driving on because its designers and support staff drive them too. 

To find out how you, your friends or your family can help make the roads safer, please visit