Star Wars in VR? Disney head is game for immersive entertainment

Star Wars
Going into hyper space might be a VR trip in the future

Facebook isn't the only big company excited about virtual reality; Disney is now coming out in support of the immersive medium.

Disney CEO Bob Iger shared his vision for the modern entertainment world with the Wall Street Journal. In the interview, Iger described a future filled with customized experiences and what he calls technology-enabled leisure:

"Mobile storytelling, and mobile entertainment, will dominate our lives, and offer rich, compelling experiences well beyond what is available today," Iger said. "[When] [w]here [...] will no longer be a barrier to being entertained; the geography of leisure will be limitless."

The Disney honcho went on to say both virtual- and augmented-reality experiences will transport users immerse entertainment worlds. Although Iger didn't name any specific headset technology, we've seen a few pop up in the last few years including the Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and, more recently, Google's Cardboard.

Future of media

"Bringing us into created worlds and bringing created worlds into our world will fundamentally explode the boundaries of storytelling, unburdening the storyteller in ways we can't yet imagine," Iger continued.

Disney, of course, owns many properties from its illustrious background in animation. Disney of course also owns Pixar and Marvel, plus the Star Wars universe.

It'll be interesting to see where the Mickey Mouse company takes VR and augmented reality technology with both its media storehouse and revamped Star Wars series.

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