Google Stadia’s big reveal of games and pricing is on June 6

Image credit: TechRadar

Google Stadia certainly sounds great in theory, although the details aren't exactly clear. However, we do know that we’ll learn a lot more about the streaming games service, including pricing, on June 6.

As spotted by Android Police, Google has a teaser on YouTube noting that some news is just so big, it can’t wait for E3, and the first ‘Stadia Connect’ session (this will be the opening episode in a series) will take place in just a few days from today.

It’ll premiere on YouTube on June 6, at 9am Pacific Time (5pm UK time), and will detail launch info, game announcements – so presumably a look at more of the initial library of titles that will be available – and of course, pricing.

Whether the launch ‘info’ will include an indication of an exact release date is one thing, but the biggest question is where Google will pitch the asking price, and indeed whether or not it will be a subscription model.

We can only hope that Google is sensible when it comes to the demands on your wallet, but part of us fears what this particular revelation may hold, considering the sales pitch that Stadia replaces your need to buy expensive gaming hardware, and can run on any device.

Big promises

That’s the beauty of streaming, naturally, although the demands of gaming are then transferred to your internet connection, of course. Google is promising 60 frames per second at 4K resolution, though, and more – the eventual aim is the ability to scale up and deliver 8K resolution at 120 fps or better.

It’ll also be interesting to hear more about games. Thus far we know that Doom Eternal will be on Stadia, along with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and other Ubisoft titles including Trials Rising, Skull and Bones, and Anno 1800.

Despite the potential pitfalls here, we are cautiously optimistic about how Google Stadia might turn out, and as we pointed out in our hands-on, it might just be a game-changer that could seriously rattle Microsoft and Sony’s cages.

Let’s see if Google goes for the jugular on pricing, shall we…

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