Sony PSP Go stripped and naked

Sony's PSP Go - do you want to see what's inside? Yes. Of course you do!

We all know what happens when a new bit of gaming hardware is released. Some bright spark rushes to be the first to take it to bits, take pictures of it and post the resulting snaps on the internet.

So it is with Sony's new PSP Go (or 'PSPgo' if you like the branding that much!).

iFixit has taken Sony's latest handheld to pieces, showing the final layout, what it looks like when opening the back cover and the main board inside.

Replaceable PSP battery?

The teardown shows up a few interesting tidbits, notably that: Samsung's 16GB NAND flash chip essentially replaces the original PSP's UMD drive and, "unfortunately, Sony still uses only an 802.11b chip for wireless internet connectivity."

This is perhaps the most worrying aspect of what is inside the PSP Go, as "now that there's no UMD slot, people will have to rely on other means (including Wi-Fi) to get content onto the PSP Go."

In slightly better news (providing you don't mind voiding your PSP Go's warranty of course) the battery is user replaceable – you just need to remove seven screws and the Warranty Void sticker!

Via iFixit