Konami: Hideo Kojima hasn't left, he's just just on holiday


The whole situation with Konami and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has been a bit of a mystery for sometime, and now the plot thickens. Following a report that Kojima had officially parted ways with the game company, Konami has claimed that Kojima is merely on holiday.

"Currently, Kojima and the development team are finished developing Metal Gear Solid V are taking a long time off from work," A Konami spokesperson told Tokyo Sports (translated by Kotaku). "taking a long time off work" sounds a bit sinister, if you ask us.

"Currently, Kojima is a listed as a company employee," the spokesperson added.

What's more, Konami denies knowing anything about Kojima's farewell party, which was mentioned in the original report. However, Simon Parkin, author of the New Yorker article, responded on Twitter with a photo showing Kojima at said party.


The original report said that Kojima stopped working at Konami on October 9. The exact details of what happened between the two are still not clear. First off, Konami cancelled the Silent Hills project that Kojima was working on with director Guillermo Del Toro.

Then, Kojima's name was removed from the cover of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, as well as the game's marketing - but the players made sure we didn't forget.

The latest twist in the tale only adds more questions to this mysterious narrative, and we don't think we'll get to the bottom of it until Kojima reveals all.

Hugh Langley

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