Kavinsky's MIA on GTA 5, Xbox One supercharges Kinect, we test the 2DS

Meanwhile at Nintendo HQ

Sometimes an idea comes along so baffling that it's difficult to see the method in the madness. That's exactly what we found this week when Nintendo announced the newest iteration of its handheld. No, not the 4DS. Not the 4KDS. The 2DS.

It might seem like Nintendo is taking steps back from the glasses-free 3D that has defined its flagship portable for the last two years. But when we went hands on with it ourselves suddenly everything made sense.

This will no doubt be gobbled up by children and parents looking for a more affordable entry point into the 3DS generation, however odd it might look to everyone else right now.

On the subject of the big N....for their 100th issue, our friends over at Official Nintendo Magazine are offering an exclusive cover with a hand-drawn illustration by the one and only Shigeru Miyamoto. What will he draw? Probably an Xbox One or something.

Los Santos living

In just over two weeks time we'll be playing GTA 5. For real. And to keep the momentum of the hype machine ticking along, Rockstar released the first "official" GTA 5 trailer this week.

We're not sure what makes this more official than all the others we've seen but hey, we're not complaining. Check it out below.

After we reported last week that the GTA 5 soundtrack was leaked online, Sony came out to apologise to Rockstar for letting those who pre-ordered the game to download the supposedly secure files early. [CVG]

The radio stations and track listings have been detailed online and we now know that Flying Lotus and Soulwax will host their own frequencies. But where in the world is Kavinsky?

Word that the French electronic artist would appear with his own Nightride FM radio station on GTA 5 got out long ago, yet he's nowhere to be seen or heard in the leaked audio.

So between now and September 17, we're crossing our fingers that Nightride is still happening.

Xbox One-ts to play nice with your TV

Another week down, another week without an Xbox One release date. Microsoft is going to actually realise it, right?

TechRadar recently spoke to Xbox's UK marketing director Harvey Eagle, who told us that Kinect did not provide experiences as rich as Microsoft was hoping for on the Xbox 360. He insists, however, that this is about to change with the Xbox One.

Xbox One Smartglass

Xbox One and Smartglass in perfect harmony

Eagle also insisted that the Xbox One is still all about the games, and this is still what will win people over in the end.

But that's only half the story, and we also found out a little more about how the Xbox One will play with our TVs - mainly those of us in the UK who are yet to hear how this will work in terms of partnerships (though we know that BT has been having talks with Microsoft behind closed doors)

But the Regginator says otherwise

Reggie Fils-Aime is a PR machine - too many interviewers have tried and failed to make him trash talk Nintendo's rivals. But this week, the Reggitron actually had some damning words to hurl at the PS4 and Xbox One.


And you know what else? I think the iPhone is fair to middling!

Well, one word - "meh". That was how Reggie described Sony's and Microsoft's game lineup for their consoles. Burn.

And as we don't get to mention Nintendo of America's favourite president nearly enough, let's take this opportunity to remember the beautiful day the Reggie meme was born.

And of course the moment that he acknowledged his own meme status, followed promptly by the internet devouring itself.

Rayman delays, man

The long-overdue Rayman Legends was finally released on Friday, but PS Vita owners looking forward to taking the limbless hero out for a spin will have to wait another two weeks as Ubisoft has pushed the Vita version back to September 13. [CVG]

And on that note (we can hear the pitchforks being sharpened), we'll leave you with this list of Peter Molyneux's top five games of all time. Because you asked so nicely.

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