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Will the Xbox be forced into a price cut? What does Sony have to say about the poor sales of its PS3 console?

A quick glance back over the week's major news stories shows that at last the world of consumer technology seems back on the road to normality. The spell of the Apple iPhone is finally breaking, with all eyes instead placed firmly on Microsoft and Sony.

Will the Xbox be forced into a price cut? What does Sony have to say about the poor sales of its PS3 console?

We clear up all confusion on the HD format war, and bring you all the latest in the world of tech. From the rumoured new 6th gen iPod to troubled times at AMD, here's our weekly round-up of the best news stories from the last five days...

Finally: Sony confirms PS3 price cut in US
In a move that surprises no-one, Sony has finally admitted that the PlayStation 3 really is getting a price cut of $100 in the US. Moreover, the 80GB model is also due to hit North America next month

So I have an HDTV, now what?
If you think getting high-definition TV here is tough, then spare some sympathy for our cousins over the pond. For despite the fact that 30 per cent of all US households now have HDTV sets, only 44 per cent of those use them to watch high-def TV. Why?

UK regions threatened by digital disaster
The UK is in danger of reaching a digital disaster if more people don't convert their homes to digital sooner rather than later. If too many people leave digital conversion until the last minute, there will be huge digibox stock shortages

Sony to slash price of PlayStation 3 in UK?
Sony is set to make a price-related PlayStation 3 announcement in Europe on Thursday. It's almost certain that SCEE is going to announce a PS3 price cut similar to the one that just went down in the USA. Are we about to see a 100-euro PS3 price cut?

PlayStation 3 set to reign for 10 years
The Sony PlayStation 3 doesn't need to sell loads of units immediately because it's going to reign supreme for the next 10 years. That's according to SCE America president Jack Tretton who said that over time, the PS3 would conquer all

6th-generation iPods by January?
A completely revamped, sixth-generation Apple iPod is to be released in January next year, if analyst predictions are to be believed. The new Apple iPods are expected to run Mac OS X, and have the wide, touchscreen interface of the Apple iPhone

Xbox 360s killed by poor surge protection
Microsoft is apparently blaming 90 per cent of Xbox 360 hardware failures on customers using surge protectors. Apparently concerned Xbox 360 gamers who phoned Microsoft's Xbox helpline were told not to use surge protectors

Hackers crack and mod iPhone, post details
A group of hackers have claimed full ownership of the Apple iPhone's OS X-based filesystem. What's more, these kids are so l33t they have posted their findings on IRC channel #iphone under the heading "How to Escape Jail"

Microsoft responds to Vista service pack buzz
Microsoft has finally released a full statement about the release of the first Service Pack for Windows Vista. Rumours abounded yesterday that Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) would be released in beta form next week, with a full release in November

$5m Xbox 360 lawsuit filed against Microsoft
Microsoft has been targeted by a five million dollar lawsuit over its Xbox 360 console and the infamous yet almost forgotten scratched disc saga. Not over the 'red ring of death' scandal, as seemed more likely

New 7MP and 8MP cameras from Samsung
Just in time for the summer holidays, Samsung today launched the 8.2-megapixel Samsung L83T digital camera, along with the 7-megapixel Samsung L730 and the 8-megapixel Samsung MP L830

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