Fed up of losing your door keys? If you have an iPhone there is a solution

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When you can't find your door keys it can feel like it is the end of the world. This is not of literal speak, of course, but when you're trying to get in or out of the house in a hurry, finding the key to unlock or lock the door is a stress that we all can do with out. 

I'm sure we've all been there; trying to get out the door to work with a bag (or two) and a takeaway coffee in hand, or you're returning from a day out in the rain with a screaming child and all you want to do is get in to the house quickly. It is a problem. Thank goodness for Ultion who have just unveiled a door key that uses the Apple Find My network to locate the door key when you just can't find it anywhere.

How it works is that you can buy a KeyTag Key from Ultion or Timpson (next month!) which has the innovation backed into the key with a discreet and slimline design that’s just 11mm thick, so it won't be adding any more bulk to your set of keys. When you next lose / can't find your door key, the Apple 'Find My' network will locate it. It'll benefit from all the features, including notifying users' iPhone, iPad, or Mac if the key has been left behind, or playing a sound to locate it when nearby.

This rather helpful network is pre-installed on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and you can even use it with the 'Find Items' app on Apple Watch. It's end-to-end encrypted and anonymous, and only the Ultion key owner will discover the keys location.

Once you've chosen your key finish (red/black, black/black, orange/black, fluorescent pink/black, fluorescent yellow/black) and placed an order, the unique encrypted code engraved on the Ultion lock will be followed to cut the key/s. You can then expect to receive your order by secure next-day delivery.

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Now there are a couple of catches, the obvious being that you'll need an iPhone to benefit from this innovation. I have an Android and although I do feel (a little) left out, I have heard that there are plans to make KeyTag compatible with this operating system. Whether or not this will use a pre-installed network or, indeed, if it is going to work in the same way is unknown to us at this stage but it's definitely something to keep a look out for if this is something that you want.

Also, KeyTag is supplied as part of a new door key, only, so you're going to have to buy a new door key to use this tech with your iPhone. 

These are being sold for £39 each or £99 for three; we would seriously consider buying the three-pack because a spare key (or two) is always useful, right? You will still be able to use your old /existing Ultion key (if you have one), you just won't be able to use the Apple 'Find My' network with it. 

It'll also only work with Ultilon locks, but you won't be needing to rush out to buy a new door lock any time soon because KeyTag will work with it, which helps.

Jennifer Oksien
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