Echo Dot down to £34.99 - but you should really wait for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day Echo Dot deals

We've been doing our usual rounds of checking prices on the most popular tech today and noticed the Amazon Echo Dot is down from £49.99 to a much more appealing £34.99.

That matches the joint-lowest price Amazon has ever sold its excellent smart speaker for, but given the Amazon Prime Day deals are due to begin on July 16, we'd seriously advise you wait before taking the plunge.

You see, prices on pretty much all Amazon devices (Echo speakers, Kindles, Fire TV and Fire Tablets) all went back up to full-price recently, which is a trick we see at most retailers before a big sale kicks in. This way, retailers can make a bigger song and dance about whatever discount arrives in the sales.

And we think this was probably the plan with the Echo Dot which has been sat at £49.99 before today this week, way up on its usually consistent £39.99 discounted price here in the UK.

So why £34.99? Well, you can probably blame Google. We noticed that the Echo Dot's biggest rival, the Google Home Mini, is currently on offer for £34 at multiple stores in the UK such as and Argos

There's a strong history in both the UK and US for Amazon and Google price-matching each other, so much so that it's always worth checking up on the other speaker if the other one is on sale, we've even gone as far to write a whole piece on Why Amazon Prime Day will also be the best time to get a Google Home Mini.

So why shouldn't you take advantage of that joint-all time low price for the Echo Dot? Well, we like to think Amazon will go even lower on Prime Day. Surely a £29.99 deal is a solid bet? 

With the Prime Day deals getting underway at noon on July 16 and carrying on until midnight on 17th, you don't have that much longer to wait. And don't worry about missing out, we think at the very worst, Amazon will still be selling the dot for £34.99 on Prime Day, so it's unlikely you'll have to pay more by holding off today.

For more of the most up-to-date and honest deals advice, take a look at our Amazon Prime Day deals hub and be sure to come back on July 16th for highlights of the best deals.