Apple TV with minor 'component change' turns up at US agency

Apple TV FCC filing
Apple squashes rumors of smaller media streaming box

It's rare that an Apple product turns up in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) database before the company makes it official, but a filing this week ignited rumors that a new Apple TV was on the way.

The Verge reported Wednesday that the updated Apple TV spotted passing through the FCC earlier this week is indeed real, but it's not an entirely new model as earlier reports claimed.

On Tuesday, an FCC filing seemed to show that Apple was planning to slim down the existing third-generation Apple TV, from 98 millimeter to 93.78 millimeters.

The news prompted speculation the Apple TV in question might be introduced as a new fourth-generation model, but Apple has now confirmed that's not the case.

Nothing to see here

Aside from a new model number and minor internal tweak the company refused to detail further, this updated Apple TV appears to be much ado about nothing.

"We sometimes make component changes which require an updated model number for regulatory approval," an Apple spokesperson confirmed in a statement.

Promising the "same great user experience" with the updated model, the changes reportedly involve an updated A5X processor and/or new single antenna setup, in keeping with other iOS-based devices.

Apple may not be giving us the full story now, but you can bet once the new model hits the streets, we'll see a teardown shortly after spilling all of the gory details.