Dell laptop and gaming laptop deals see massive savings in this 72 hour flash sale

Dell laptop sales gaming laptop deals
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Dell is going all out with a 72 hour flash sale starting today, offering up massive savings of up to 40% on laptop deals, monitors and cheap gaming laptops as well. That means you'll find discounts on a massive range of machines right now, but hurry these offers won't last forever - and at these prices neither will stock. 

If you missed out on these offers, we're expecting this year's Black Friday deals to bring more laptop sales as well.

Use promo code SAVE14 to secure yourself 14% off laptop deals this week, with everything from cheap Inspirons to more powerful Dell XPS offers. This code is dropping prices down on a wide range of laptops, so whether you're shopping for an everyday browser or something with more oomph under the hood there's something for everyone here. 

If you're after gaming laptop deals, however, you'll also find discounts on the Alienware range this week. Promo code AW14 will net you 14% off this selection of powerful rigs right now, with these offers lasting until August 30. 

You'll find all of these laptop and gaming laptop deals just below, but you can also head straight over to Dell and shop the sale yourself. 

Dell 72 hour flash sale now live

Save 14% on laptops at Dell
Use promo code SAVE14

Save 14% on laptops at Dell
There are some massive discounts available at Dell for the next 72 hours. Use promo code SAVE14 to secure your 14% discount over the next few days, but hurry because stock won't last and neither will these offers.

Save 14% on Alienware gaming laptop deals at Dell
with promo code AW 14

Save 14% on Alienware gaming laptop deals at Dell
If you're after something that will run Crysis, you'll want to check out these savings on Alienware gaming laptops as well. Until August 30th you'll be able to save 14% on these rigs with promo code AW 14.

Save up to 40% on monitors at Dell
promo code SAVE14 use code AW14

Save up to 40% on monitors at Dell
Use promo code SAVE14 to also save up to 40% on Dell's range of monitors right now. This code will expire in just 72 hours, so be quick. If you're looking for a gaming monitor, use code AW14 for the same savings - you've got a little longer to jump on these offers, which will expire on August 30th.

More Dell laptop deals

You'll find all the latest prices on the cheap Dell Inspiron 14 5000 just below, or if you're after something a little more powerful, check out the Dell XPS 13 offers further down.

We're also rounding up all the latest cheap gaming laptop deals available right now, as well as plenty more Dell XPS deals and sales as well. Or, if you're after something a little more Apple flavoured, you can check out the best MacBook Pro deals and cheap MacBook Air sales as well. 

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