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Apple takes Samsung to the UK courts

Apple takes Samsung to the UK courts
Apple issues a Brit writ

Apple has launched a lawsuit against Samsung in the UK, which marks the latest in a long line of court cases between the two electrical giants.

Apple filed the court order this week, according to ZDNet, which brings the total number of patent suits the companies have between them to 20.

While this latest court shenanigan is about potential patent infringement, so far the exact patents it refers to are unknown.

Samsung said that the lawsuit was a countersuit filed against them for its original lawsuit it took out against Apple in June of this year.

Samsung V Apple: take 20

The situation between Apple and Samsung is something of a messy one. Apple is obviously nervous of Samsung's success in the smartphone (and to a lesser degree the tablet) market, but both companies also have a vested interest in staying civil with each other.

Samsung makes a massive amount of the chips Apple uses in its iPhone 4 and iPad, which is a contract Samsung would not want to lose.

At the same time it can't be seen to look as if it agrees it has been using Apple's patents for use in its own products.

The patent war isn't just affecting Samsung; HTC is at loggerheads with Apple and Google has bought out Motorola Mobility for its massive stash of patents.

Via ZDNet