Freecom unveils first USB 3.0 External HDD

Freecom XS - designed by a Belgian you say?
Freecom XS - designed by a Belgian you say?

USB 3.0 products just keep coming, and it's Freecom's turn to announce a first SuperSpeed USB technology with the first external hard-drive to take advantage of the speedy new port technology.

The catchily-titled Freecom Hard Drive XS 3.0 is now the first in the world to offer SuperSpeed USB, which for the layman means much faster transfer of data.

The drive, based on the XS released earlier in the year, offers transfer speeds of 130Mbps and is just the first of what will be a veritable landslide of similar external drives to offer SuperSpeed tech in the coming months.

Terror bites

The drives will go up to 2TB – which is going to keep you well catered for in terms of storage, for a little while at least.

"The rapid transfer speeds of USB 3.0 are going to make sharing information easier than ever before, and with the rise of interactive web applications and new media showing no signs of slowing, it's arrived just in time," said Axel Lucassen, managing director.

"From downloaded TV programmes to digital photos and music, data-rich files are abundant both at home and in the office.

"The Hard Drive XS 3.0 is the first drive in the world to enable users to back up even the biggest files at unprecedented speeds, combining the latest technology with style and practicality to bring a new breed of hard drive to an increasingly demanding market."

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