AT&T subscribers now get a free six months of Nvidia GeForce Now

How to use Nvidia GeForce Now on a Chromebook
(Image credit: Nvidia)

AT&T is giving all current and new 5G plan subscribers a six-month free trial of Nvidia GeForce Now.

The new deal was just announced as part of Nvidia’s CES 2022 virtual keynote - where it also announced the RTX 3090 Ti - and will give all AT&T 5G plan users six months of Priority Membership for free, which typically costs $49.99.

Once you’ve claimed the promotion and signed up, you can install the GeForce Now app to your Android phone or tablet to start streaming games. iPhone and iPad users will have to head to the GeForce Now website through the Safari browser. 

You can also use your subscription through your Mac and Windows computer too, just by signing into your account.

GeForce Now is a lot like the Google Stadia subscription AT&T has previously given away to customers as it only lets you stream games that you own - unlike Xbox’s Cloud Gaming platform, which is more like Netflix.

Once you’ve signed up to the service you can connect your Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG libraries - as well as a slew of other digital marketplaces - to begin streaming your favorite games to your smartphone while you’re out on the go. All you need is a compatible gamepad.

As a Priority member, you’ll get priority access to Nvidia’s premium servers and can enjoy gaming sessions of up to six hours before having to rejoin the queue - free members only get access to one-hour sessions and have to wait in line behind paying subscribers.

Unfortunately, AT&T isn’t giving away subscriptions to GeForce Now’s RTX 3080 tier which lets you game on an RTX 3080 powered rig over Wi-Fi. However, given that this offer is free to all 5G plan owners we won’t be complaining too loudly.

To take advantage of the Nvidia GeForce Now promotion you'll need to head to the official offer sign-up page and fill out your details.

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