Apple Time to Walk lets you take a stroll with a new celebrity guest every week

Apple Time to Walk
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Apple has launched a new walking workout mode for your Apple Watch that lets you take a virtual stroll with a celebrity. Time to Walk is exclusively available for Apple Fitness Plus subscribers, and lets you pick a famous 'guest', who will tell you three stories as you walk and then share three of their favorite songs that inspire them.

One or two photos chosen by the guest will also appear on your Apple Watch during each story.

Time to Walk has launched with four guests: musicians Shawn Mendes and Dolly Parton, actor Uzo Aduba, and basketball player Draymond Green. Apple plans to add a new guest each Monday, and Time to Watch episodes are downloaded to your watch automatically if you have an Apple Fitness Plus subscription.

We saw the first signs of Time to Walk earlier this month, when screenshots revealed that it would soon be possible to download walking workouts to your phone, and now the feature is live and available to try for yourself.

The whole experience lives within the Workout app on your Apple Watch, so if you're an Apple Fitness Plus subscriber, just tap the app to get started.

If you use a wheelchair, you can select 'Time to Push', and your Apple Watch will begin a wheelchair workout at a walking pace.

Step by step

You can see all the currently available episodes on your iPhone and choose which ones appear on your Apple Watch. Alternatively, if you have an Apple Watch with a cellular connection, you can stream any of them directly to the device while you're out.

Each episode is around 25-40 minutes long, including both stories and music (handy for helping you complete your rings) though you can skip through parts if you want.

You don't need an Apple Music subscription to listen to each guest's songs during your walk, but if you do have one, you'll be able to see and download the playlist on your iPhone.

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