Apple might discontinue iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro after iPhone 12 release

iPhone XR
iPhone XR (Image credit: TechRadar)

We're expecting the iPhone 12 launch to be held around October this year, and with the event getting ever closer, we've heard reports that Apple is gearing up to discontinue two of its existing phones during the event - the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone XR

This comes from Twitter user @iAppleTimes, who tweeted to say the two phones would be discontinued after the iPhone 12 launch, and also that iPhone 11 deals would get a price reduction of $150 (roughly £115, AU$210).

It's worth pointing out this Twitter leaker has few followers, no proven track record of accurate leaks, and no clear reason to have accurate information, so take this leak with a massive fistful of salt.

An iPhone discontinuation wouldn't be surprising, given that Apple has a track record of silently killing older iPhones during launch events for newer ones. During the iPhone 11 reveal the iPhone XS and XS Max were both dropped, for example - Apple usually only officially stocks a few different types of iPhone at once, though third-party retailers tend to offer others.

Given that the iPhone SE (2020) launched by Apple earlier this year is considerably more powerful than the iPhone XR, and more affordable, it makes sense for the company to abandon 2018's budget iPhone. But we'll have to wait and see if that actually happens or not.

Should you buy the iPhones now?

If you were eyeing up the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone XR deals, this news might inspire you to jump and buy one now - but we wouldn't recommend it.

Firstly, as we've stated, there's little evidence that this leak is true, so you might end up looking silly when the iPhone 12 is launched and the other phones continue to be sold.

Secondly, even if Apple does discontinue iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Pro deals, you'll still likely be able to buy them, just not from Apple itself. Your local department store, online shop, or second-hand seller will almost definitely still sell these phones until stocks run out.

Thirdly, once Apple launches the iPhone 12 models, history suggests we'll see an official price cut of the phones it continues to sell. This will likely be matched by third-party retailers, and those shops will likely also slash the price of discontinued iPhones, so you could find yourself a great deal if you wait just a little bit.

Finally, while the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XR are popular iPhones, the iPhone 12 range is expected to have four different models - it's very possible one of those will tick all your boxes, and also have features you didn't know you wanted.

In case you still want one of the possibly-imminently-discontinued iPhones, we'll list the prices in your region below, but our best advice would be to wait until the iPhone 12 launch event in September or October.

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