Amazon Echo Wall Clock back on sale after borked timer issue

Image Credit: TechRadar

What's the good of a clock that can't tell the time? Very little, which was why the Amazon Echo Wall Clock has finally gone back on sale in the US after a timer issue saw the device pulled shortly after its launch.

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock, despite being part of the Echo family, has no mic or speaker, but instead pairs up with your Echo device in order for you to trigger timers with your voice.

Around the edge of the clock face you get the regular numbered time markers, but also an LED array. And it's here where the troubles sat: These LEDs represented the current point a timer was at, but users reported the clock would regularly fail to match up with the Alexa timers it had set, even if the actual timekeeping was working correctly.

Arguably worse still was the fact that some users were reporting that, should the Echo Wall Clock drop its Bluetooth connection to an Alexa speaker, the only way to fix the issue was to replace its batteries entirely.

Now Amazon is confident that its fixed these issues, with an over-the-air firmware update rolling out to existing customers still facing problems. That means the Amazon Echo Wall Clock is back on sale at its original $29.99 price point.

However, there's still no word on a UK or European release. Here's hoping that it was this (now fixed) connectivity issue that was preventing a wider roll out, and that we'll see the Amazon Echo Wall Clock on a wider range of Amazon store territories soon.

Gerald Lynch

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