AirPods deals: the latest Apple AirPods reach their lowest ever price at Amazon

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AirPods deal hunters will be pleased to note that the Apple AirPods with wireless charging case are now at their lowest price ever over at Amazon - retailing for just $139.98 (was $199) (opens in new tab).

This low price is even cheaper than it was on Black Friday and is shaping up to be a rare opportunity indeed. Even with rumors of new AirPods emerging later this year, we're sure we won't see the standard AirPods go this cheap for some time - at least until the much delayed Amazon Prime Day rolls around.

Released last year, the 2019 Apple AirPods quickly became a popular best-seller and it's easy to see why. Best in class device pairing, solid sound, and tap-gesture controls mean that these stylish true wireless earbuds are the perfect companion to any iOS device. The wireless charger case is also a fantastic addition, enabling you to charge using a Qi-compatible pad. It'll also let you top up your battery on the go - essentially extending a 5-hour battery life into 24 hours. 

For those of you in need of noise-cancellation, we've also thrown in a bonus Amazon deal on the AirPods Pro, which are going for $234 (was $249) (opens in new tab) right now. While not the cheapest we've ever seen, the $15 discount is still welcome for those looking to get a slightly more premium set of wireless earbuds.

Not in the US? Check out the best AirPods deals in your region just down below.

AirPods deals: the lowest price ever at Amazon

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case: $199 (opens in new tab)

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case: $199 $139.98 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Now reaching their lowest price ever in the US, the 2019 Apple AirPods with wireless charging case have an awesome $60 discount overall. That upgraded case allows you to charge wirelessly using a Qi-compatible charging pad, plus you're still getting all the standard features of the AirPods - great sound quality, peerless device matching, and 5 hours of battery on a single charge.

Apple AirPods Pro: $249 (opens in new tab)

Apple AirPods Pro: $249 $234 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Another good option, especially for those who require noise-cancellation are the AirPods Pro, with a $15 discount right now at Amazon. Aside from the aforementioned noise-cancellation features, you're also getting customizable silicone tips, and excellent iOS device pairing.

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If you're visiting from outside the US, or would like a few more options, our main Apple AirPods deals page is a good resource to compare and find the right price for you. We've also got a great Beats headphone deals page, which outlines the best prices from Apple's other line of headphones.

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