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Panasonic shows off new Full HD LCD LED TVs

Panasonic L42U30
Panasonic L42U30

Panasonic has rolled out its 2011 range of Full HD LCD-LED televisions, with the DT30, D30, E3 and E30 ranges all arriving with 1080p resolutions in a range of sizes.

Arriving alongside the non-Full HD C30 range, the new ranges include IPS Alpha Panels, Easy IPTV (with the DT30 and D30 also boasting Viera Connect), DLNA, multiple HDMI connectors and USB ports.

The C30 range includes a new screen size, a 19 inch version, while the E3 brings 32, 37 and 42 inch versions.


The E30 is a 42 inch television with LED backlighting and 120Hz Motion Picture Pro 4 and 4 HDMI connections.

Last and definitely not least is the top-of-the-line TC-L42D30 television which offers 120Hz Motion Picture Pro 5 technology and Viera Connect.

"Also included in the feature package are VIERA Image Viewer; DLNA connectivity; VIERA Link; four HDMI connectors; threeUSBPortsand a PC input," adds Panasonic.

The televisions have all been given a Spring arrival date, although no UK release date or price is available.

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