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Panasonic adds Netflix streaming to 2010 TVs

Panasonic extends its Viera Cast service
Panasonic extends its Viera Cast service

US owners of this year's range of Panasonic's Viera Cast TVs and Blu-ray players will find that they can now stream video from Netflix, thanks to a software update.

The new service sits alongside what was already on offer, including Amazon video on demand, Skype, Pandora and YouTube.

While UK users won't be able to take advantage of the latest feature, Panasonic says it's "constantly looking to provide the best possible entertainment experience for our customers", so maybe we can hope to see it match Samsung and integrate LoveFilm streaming in the future.

Cast, Viera Cast

LoveFilm itself has made some aggressive moves to shore up its digital offerings, including the addition of MGM movies. A James Bond marathon without leaving the comfort of the sofa? Don't mind if we do…

All Panasonic online features will naturally require an internet connection, with a wireless USB dongle available to avoid yet another cable emerging from your TV.

The Panasonic 2010 range can also use USB connectivity for keyboard control when browsing, and playback of JPEG images and AVCHD videos from recent digital camcorders.

Via Engadget