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Some LG G8X owners report issues with the in-display fingerprint sensor

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During the ongoing Flipkart’s Big Billion day sale, the LG G8X apart from iPhone SE and iPhone XR have been the most noteworthy deals. The phone which otherwise sells north of Rs. 54,000 was sold for mere Rs. 19,990. Later the price was changed to Rs. 21,990, it still remains as one of the best tech deals that you can find this festive season.

The LG G8x packs a dual-screen display solution, Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage all under Rs 22000 is a killer deal. And it has been proven by the numbers LG has been able to rake in already.

A lot of users took to social media to share their experience with the most affordable dual-screen smartphone and most of them were amazed about much the device has to offer thanks to the dual-screen case that comes for free. 

However, it is not all rosy about the device and there were a few that complained about issues with the LG G8X like slow/unresponsive fingerprint sensor and issues with the selfie camera. 

In terms of the fingerprint sensor, while reviewing the phone, our mobile editor, David Lumb also highlighted the same. He mentioned "The G8X includes an in-display fingerprint sensor, and at the moment, it is... bad. It frequently takes three to four pressings at different angles to unlock, which is frustrating. When it does recognize fingerprints, it unlocks quickly, but it’s unclear which angle the sensor actually prefers."

Here’s a quick look at some of the posts made by the users:

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A quick google search shows that these are very common issues. Some users claimed that “pressing the thumb lightly” on the scanner helped while others suggest the other around at least this thread on XDA-forum suggests the same. Users who had bought the phone prior to the sale also had reported issues like slow fingerprint sensor, which suggests that this is a persistent issue with the LG G8X.

We have reached out to LG to get clarification around the same. We will update this article as soon as we get an official update from LG.

To recall, the G8X was the first phone from LG that came with an in-display fingerprint sensor and the highlight of the phone is its dual-screen accessory that comes free with the phone. Mind you LG has used the same panel as the one that is present in the phone itself. This is to ensure that both the displays offer a similar visual experience to the user.

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