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Vodafone nabs Samsung Galaxy Tab for UK?

Samsung Galaxy Tab - coming to Vodafone?
Samsung Galaxy Tab - coming to Vodafone?

The Samsung Galaxy tab, a rival to the Apple iPad, looks like it is coming to the UK soon, with Vodafone accidently slipping out details that it is to carry the device.

Engadget has had an anonymous tip that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is on Vodafone's upcoming roster of devices, alongside the 'nearly new' BlackBerry 9105 (Pearl 3G) and the BlackBerry 9300 (Curve 3G).

Tab clear

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will make its debut at IFA 2010, where TechRadar will be in attendance to get one of the first hands-ons with the device.

Packing Android, an ARM11 CPU with a 1GHz processing speed and the possibility of an Super AMOLED screen, the Tab looks like it will be a true contender to the iPad's tablet throne.

The Vodafone leak doesn't contain a UK release date but we will update as soon as we get word.