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Virgin announces 'cheapest' mobile music service

Virgin Media offers tracks for cash
Virgin Media offers tracks for cash

Virgin Media has announced its new mobile phone music download service, with users paying to download five tracks a month.

Paying £4 will get you access to the million track-strong library, or if you're an existing Virgin Media customer it's only £3 per month instead.

Virgin Media is claiming that this offers 'the best value monthly mobile music download service on the market'.

Free as a bird

Visitors to the V Festival this weekend are being offered a free month's trial of the service by texting a secret number - sadly this is revealed in specific locations around the festival, and not a much harder-but-more-fun trial and error idea.

The tracks will be DRM-free, so can be transferred wherever the user fancies plonking them.

So if you religiously only listen to five new songs per month to make sure they get a 'proper listen' and are a Virgin Media customer, you can cancel Christmas as it won't get better than this.