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Samsung looking at Android for new TV platform

Android in a Samsung TV - it could happen
Android in a Samsung TV - it could happen

Samsung is reportedly looking at the Android OS as a possible platform for its future internet connected TVs.

With Google planning to push its OS from the small screen of the mobile into tablets, netbooks and now TVs, Samsung has confirmed it is interested to see what's on offer.

We are considering (working on) Google TVs. We are examining the business feasibility of Google TVs," a spokesperson for Samsung said, according to The Korean Herald.

New space

It is watching to see will happen in the TV space in relation to Android TVs, with Sony apparently signed up to provide the first wave of such devices in 2010/2011.

It seems more likely that Samsung would use its own Bada platform to power its future TVs after comments at the launch, but this announcement shows the Korean firm is still hedging its bets.

Warren East, CEO of ARM told Techradar that he believes Android TVs are very likely in the near future, offering an obvious route for internet-connected displays:

"Google invented Android for the small screen, but in a world of open source developers can take what's out there and stretch it for all kinds of different formats.

"I've no doubt [Android] will be in TVs at some stage, as it's a pervasive platform."

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