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Samsung Galaxy SIII image leaked

Samsung Galaxy SIII image leaked
We reckon this image is a plant by Samsung

An image purportedly taken on the Samsung Galaxy SIII (or Galaxy S3 if you are not a fan of Roman numerals) has leaked on to the web, showing just how decent the camera on the smartphone will be.

Pocketnow reckons it has found an image taken from the GT-I9500 – the rather boring codename for the Galaxy S3 – on photo-upload site Picasa.

Now, we would love to tell you that the image is a thing of beauty, but it really isn't. If this is indeed the first image taken on the S3, then it is of three plain-old pot plants.

But, the pot plants are in an office and that office looks like it is Samsung's headqaurters in South Korea.

Picture perfect

The EXIF data of the image doesn't really offer up much information, other than it was taken on Boxing Day, on a GT-I9500 handset and Flash was used.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 came with an 8MP camera, so we are expecting this to be upped significantly – possible even to 12MP.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII looks likely to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2012 in February and is said to be powered by the dual-core Exynos 5250 chip, which was recently revealed by Samsung.

Via PocketNow and UberGizmo