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Galaxy Tab to be renamed Pad, coming in two sizes?

Galaxy Tab to be renamed Pad?
Galaxy Tab to be renamed Pad?

Samsung's forthcoming Android-powered tablet PC could be called the Galaxy Pad and come in more than one screen size.

According to OLED-display, the new name could be unveiled at IFA, although the new size of screen would come 'in due course'.

However, conflicting sources are claiming that the Galaxy Tab moniker is the one Samsung will choose, so it might be best to wait until TechRadar heads to IFA to find out the truth.

The TabPad cometh

Given the Samsung Galaxy TabPad already looks the bastard Android offspring of an iPad, the name change and size upgrade make sense as Samsung decides imitation is the best form of flattery.

We're still waiting to see whether Samsung does go high end and use an OLED screen for the 7-inch marvel, although that would surely push the cost sky high, and an Android tablet would need to be cheaper than the iPad from the outset.

We'll be looking to get our hands on one of these new tablets as soon as possible, so keep checking back for our Samsung Galaxy Tab review.

Via Samsung Hub