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BBC unveils new mobile homepage

BBC's mobile homepage moves into beta
BBC's mobile homepage moves into beta

The BBC launched its mobile homepage in beta today, and the onus is very much on customisation.

Just like the BBC's main website, where you can tweak the homepage to your own news tastes, the mobile version allows you to make the page relevant to you.

One of the biggest challenges the Beeb faced in making the mobile site, was creating a problem-free iPlayer service even on networks that bumble along at a snail's pace.

The new optimised site is said to work on commonly used web-enabled handsets, not just the smartphone kind.


Alongside customising the information you want on the webpage, local news and weather will also appear on the site, which will change depending on your locality.

Speaking about the beta launch, Richard Titus, the BBC's future media controller for audio & music and mobile, said:

"Mobile devices are even more personal to audiences than their PCs. We are delighted to present a new mobile homepage, building on work started by the BBC homepage last year, that allows them to adapt their experience of the BBC wherever they are."