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Asus boss predicts doubling of low-cost PC market

The low-cost Asus Eee has been a huge success

Digitimes reports that Asus president Jerry Sheen has said he expects shipments of low-cost PCs to double from 10 million in 2008 to 20 million by 2009 – a 100 per cent growth rate.

Should that turn out to be the case then Asus stand to benefit as much as the next manufacturer with an increase in demand for their already sought after Eee PC figuring highly.


Mr Sheen is reported as saying that he expects growth to be driven by two major factors: emerging markets and the ‘second PC’ market in mature markets.

Intel has also weighed in, revealing that it expects low-cost PC shipments to break 100 million shipments 2008-2011, with low-cost PCs accounting for 47 million shipments by 2011.

Of course, having just launched the Atom processor specifically designed for low-power, low-cost PCs, it’s clearly in Intel’s interest to talk the market up.

Either way, Intel looks set to receive a significant share of the spoils from a burgeoning market. It seems the humble £200 Eee really has created a monster. Who woulda thunk it?