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Android phone: all specs and apps revealed

The HTC Android phone
The HTC Android phone

Specs on the now officially named T-Mobile G1 with Google have been leaked to the internet community, and yield some surprises.

For a phone running an OS backed heavily by Google, all the features and applications you'd be looking for are largely there.

According to TmoNews we'll be getting one click Google search and access to the internet, as well as all the Google applications within easy reach.

This means Mail, Maps (with Streetview thanks to the latest 2.3.1 update), YouTube, Calendar and you'd imagine Reader.

Trumping with VOIP

Google Talk will also be integrated right in, trumping the iPhone with VOIP capability.

However, it will only pack an HVGA screen (480 x 320) so is less hi-res than we might have hoped, and users can only add in around 8GB of memory (so we assume there's a paltry 100MB or so under the hood).

GPS will be there, which is hardly a surprise when Android is tipped to heavily use location-based services, as will a 3.2MP camera, which isn't bad for what is primarily a business phone.

No Exchange compatibility will mean business users will be disappointed, but there's the trackball and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for those hankering for a BlackBerry feel.

Check back to TechRadar later in the day to find out all about the launch, as we'll be bringing the information to you LIVE as the phone is unveiled.