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Android 2.3 update arrives for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab - a little slice of Gingerbread
Samsung Galaxy Tab - a little slice of Gingerbread

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has finally got a Gingerbread software update of its very own, with the update to Android 2.3 available now.

The 7-inch tablet can nab the new software by connecting to a PC and Samsung's KIES programme.

The Gingerbread update arrives just in time to update Galaxy Tab users before the official launch of the Honeycomb-toting Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on 4 August.

Times gone by

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab was on Android 2.2, so users can look forward to a better copy and paste, a smarter user interface, the redesigned Android keyboard and slightly improved battery life.

It joins the HTC Flyer at the under populated 7-inch Gingerbread tablet club, with most manufacturers opting for Honeycomb-friendly 10-inch slates.

And, with the 7-inch friendly Android 3.2 update already rolling out to developers and Motorola Xoom owners, there are unlikely to be many more.

Want some new apps to populate your newly be-Gingerbreaded Galaxy Tab? Check out our video round-up of the 10 best free Android games:

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