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Dell promises there is no cat pee in its laptops

Dell Latitude E6430u
Looks pee-free to us

Users have been posting online in droves that their brand new Dell Latitude E6430u laptops smell like cat urine, but the company promises there is no such substance involved in the manufacturing process.

As funny as this is, it's not a joke. Apparently these laptops really do smell like tomcats took a liking to them, and users started complaining on Dell's support forums back in June.

One said the computer smells so bad that he's embarrassed to take it to meetings.

When the support thread gained more attention after appearing on Reddit October 29, Dell responded, by saying the "smell is absolutely not urine or any other type of biological material. The parts have been tested and we have confirmed this 100%. The smell is caused by a manufacturing process which has now been changed."

The company said there's no health hazard involved. Newer versions of the laptop don't have the odor, and Dell said it will replace the affected parts on smelly computers.

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