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BBC's homepage suffers outage - down - down

UPDATED The main page of the BBC suffered a notable outage today, with the problem quickly becoming a popular discussion on social networking sites. is one of the mainstays of the UK internet and, although the rest of the BBC news sites remained up, the main page was unavailable for 15 minutes.

Commenters on Twitter immediately began to ask if Armageddon had happened (we don't think so), if the site had been hacked or if major changes to the page were scheduled.


But the general consensus was of surprise that the service was unavailable, with the BBC priding itself on dealing with major traffic spikes.

Commenting on the story on TechRadar, Matt Phillips from the BBC comms team explained that the outage was quarter of an hour long and caused by a "failed service upgrade".

In Twitter terms, however, 15 minutes is a lifetime. Sort of...