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Amazon looking into NFC payments

Amazon may become part of the NFC brigade
Amazon may become part of the NFC brigade

Amazon is looking to introduce NFC payments into its service, so users can purchase goods from Amazon while browsing for them in real shops.

NFC is the technology of choice at the moment, so its no wonder a big e-tailer like Amazon is looking to get in on the wireless payment action.

Just how Amazon will use the technology is unclear, but Bloomberg is reporting that it is considering the technology but hasn't begun talking about it in public yet.

Perhaps this could be the start of the Amazon high street presence we heard about 18 months ago?

Wireless communication

Just this week it was announced that NFC will be integrated into future Windows Phone devices, with this likely to come in an update to the Windows Phone 7 OS.

Samsung is the biggest flag waver of NFC at the moment, with the technology integrated into the Nexus S.

Amazon is getting heavily into the mobile game at the moment. It recently introduced the Amazon Appstore, a rival to Google's Android Market.