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How to download and install the NordVPN Windows app

Protect your Windows devices with NordVPN

NordVPN running on Windows laptop

Hailing from Panama, NordVPN provides a sound Virtual Private Network (VPN) service: it boasts more than 4,000 servers in 62 countries, fast performance, quality apps, beefed up security, a no logs policy, and lots more.

This guide will show you how to download, install, and set up NordVPN on your Windows device.

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Get it now

1. Open your browser, navigate to the NordVPN website and click the red Get It Now button.

Download link

2. This is where you sign up for your NordVPN service. If you’ve already signed up, just skip that part and scroll down until you reach a long list. Click Download.

Windows download page

3. On the following page, click the red Download button under the sentence Download NordVPN for Windows.

Main download page

Alternatively, you can scroll down to the section with other downloads and choose Windows there.

Saving the executable

4.  The NordVPN download will begin when you press Save.

Download complete

5. When the download is finished, click NordVPNSetup.exe in the lower left part of your browser window to begin the installation.

6. A prompt will ask you to allow the program to make changes to your computer. Click Yes.

Green install button

7.  The installation process will begin after you click the green Install button. 

Windows app sign in

8. When the installation process is completed, the NordVPN app will open. You will see a window asking you to sign in with your credentials if you have a NordVPN account. Enter your e-mail address and password into the empty fields and click the Sign In button.

New user sign up

9. If you don’t have an account yet, click the Sign up as a new user button. It will take you to the Sign Up form where you will enter your desired e-mail and password and click the Create account button.

NordVPN locations map

10. Once you’ve signed in, the NordVPN app will open and you’ll see a map with numerous marked locations and a round button on the top.

You can dismiss the message offering you NordVPN mobile apps if you already have them or don’t want them.

Connected map

11. You can click on any of these locations to connect to a server there. For example, let’s say you chose Russia on the map. The round button on the top will turn green and below it you will see a message “You are connected to Russia”.

You can disconnect any time by clicking on the green button. Clicking the button (when it’s grey) again will assign the best server automatically on the basis of your own location.  

12. That’s it! Now you’re connected and you can safely continue your online activities with NordVPN.