7 essential tech projects for the weekend

Make time for your tech

7 essential tech projects for the weekend

The weekend is here, and for many of us that means a couple of days away from work – so it's the perfect time to get started on those tech projects we've been putting off.

This weekend we have a great selection of projects you can embark on to make your home a little smarter and get more from your gadgets, from installing the latest version of Android to building your very own media streaming stick and much more.

7 essential tech projects for the weekend

Install Android 7.0 N right now

Google is busy working on its latest version of Android, Android 7.0 N. It looks like it's set to come with a host of new and exciting features, and although the full release of Android 7.0 won't be until later this year, if you have a Nexus device or Pixel C tablet you can download and install an early version of Android 7.0 N right now.

7 essential tech projects for the weekend

Build your own Kodi media streaming box

Set-top boxes and media streaming sticks such as the Chromecast are all the rage at the moment, but if you don't fancy buying one, why not use this weekend to build one yourself?

In our how to build your own Kodi media streaming box guide we'll show you what you need to do to create your very own media streaming device using the excellent Kodi software.

7 essential tech projects for the weekend

Get the most out of Sky Q

If you love watching TV and films but you're not too keen on building your own media box, then getting a subscription to the excellent new Sky Q service is a must.

If you've signed up – or are thinking about it – then check out our Sky Q tips and tricks to find out all the cool things you can do with the service.

7 essential tech projects for the weekend

Get a second monitor

Adding a second monitor to your PC is a great way of improving your productivity, thanks to all that extra screen real estate – and it can make for more immersive gaming as well if you have a powerful enough graphics card.

Our how to set up dual monitors guide will show you how to connect and properly calibrate your second (and even third) monitor.

7 essential tech projects for the weekend

Set up fingerprint security on your Mac

TouchID on iPhones and iPads is great – rather than typing in a password or passcode every time you want to unlock your device you can use your fingerprint to sign in. It's quick, convenient and above all secure.

Macs don't have fingerprint scanners built in, but thanks to the handy MacID tool you can use the TouchID feature on your iPhone or iPad to unlock your Mac with your fingerprint. Check out our how to secure your Mac with your fingerprint and MacID tutorial to find out more.

7 essential tech projects for the weekend

Scan and digitize old photos

If you have a collection of irreplaceable photographic prints then this weekend is the perfect time to scan them in, clean them up and save them on your PC. Creating digital backups of your photos enables you to save them to the cloud, so if anything happens to the originals you'll still have the copies.

It also makes sharing and showing off you favourite photos a lot easier, and in our how to scan and digitize old photos guide we'll show you everything you need to do to back your pictures up, organise them, and repair any damage they might have suffered over the years.

7 essential tech projects for the weekend

Add missing album art in iTunes

iTunes isn't the best media-playing software by a long shot, but many of us still use it to sync our music collections with our iPhones, iPods and iPads.

If you use iTunes, and are fed up of missing album artwork making your collection look untidy, then why not spend part of this weekend fixing it with our how to add missing album art in iTunes guide?

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