This unbreakable Motorola phone is still on sale for an unbeatable price

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Are you looking for post-Christmas deals on the best smartphones because you accidentally broke yours? If you've ever been worried about a broken phone, check out this deal on the Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola, now $399 on Amazon, which is a whopping $300 off the original list price. The phone has been on sale for most of the holiday season, and it's still at the lowest price we've seen. 

This is a very cheap price for such a great smartphone, considering its specs. The ThinkPhone isn't just durable, it packs plenty of power as well. You get a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset inside, which is the same processor Samsung used in its super-expensive Galaxy Z Fold 4. You also get a nice 6.6-inch p-OLED display running at 144Hz.

The durability is the icing on the cake, if your cake is an armored personnel vehicle. The Motorola ThinkPhone is one of the few MIL-STD810H certified phones you can buy, and it's definitely the only one that doesn't look like a tank. If you need a tough phone, or if you want to buy a phone for your kids that can stand up to their punishment, the ThinkPhone is a solid choice. 

We reviewed the ThinkPhone earlier this year when it was launched, and it was only available through B2B sales channels, so we reviewed it on TechRadar Pro. Our biggest complaint was the high starting price, but this deal drops the phone more than $500 from the earliest price tag. Now that it's available for everyone, at such a bargain, it's definitely worth a look. 

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Motorola ThinkPhone: $699.99now $399.24 at Amazon

Motorola ThinkPhone: was $699.99 now $399.24 at Amazon
The Motorola ThinkPhone is durable to MIL-STD810H specifications, so it can handle more than just a splash of water. You can drop it, freeze it, dunk it, and it comes back for more. This is the best price we've seen, much lower than the high starting price, making this phone a fantastic bargain, especially if you're accident-prone.

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