Google Pixel Watch 3 XL leak points to big design changes – and there's good news and bad news

Google Pixel Watch 2
(Image credit: Peter Hoffmann)

Two days after renderings for the Pixel Watch 3 surfaced online, another leak has come out revealing its sibling device: the Pixel Watch 3 XL. 

This appears to be the rumored large, 45mm smartwatch that Google has been working on behind the scenes. If you look at the images given to Android Headlines by industry insider OnLeaks, it looks similar to the Pixel Watch 2. You have the same round glass covering the watch face and a digital crown with a single button on the right. Things only begin to differ when you look at the dimensions.

The article claims the Pixel Watch 3 XL’s display measures 1.45-inches across, larger than the Pixel Watch 3’s purported 1.2-inch panel. It goes on to say that the second model will measure 45 x 45 x 13.89 mm. That’s about a full millimeter thicker than the Pixel Watch 2, as pointed out by 9To5Google

It’s unknown why the tech giant is opting for bulkier wearables; the same design update is reportedly occurring on the standard model, too. Online theories suggest it’s because the Pixel Watch 3 series is going to house a bigger battery and new sensors. As a result, the devices need the extra room. 

Design changes

Now we’re getting into potentially bad news. According to the leak, “the Pixel Watch 3 XL will come with a larger band attachment system” because it is significantly bigger than its counterpart. 

Not only does this mean that the bands between the two models are not interchangeable, but you also won’t be able to use your old Pixel Watch 2 bands. They won’t fit.

Apart from the potential sizing issue, there’s not much information about the XL bands. The renderings are nothing more than possible designs. They appear to showcase a white (or “Porcelain” as the report calls it) Active band.

Pixel Watch 3 XL front and back

(Image credit: OnLeaks/Android Headlines)

Initial online reactions are mostly positive, although we did see a comment hoping that the Pixel Watch 3 XL comes with sapphire crystal glass to protect against scratches. 

There is still a ton we don't know about the wearable or any of its accompanying models. However, all these leaks coming out in a short span of time could hint at an imminent release for the series. As always take the unconfirmed information with a grain of salt. And make sure to check out our roundup of the best smartwatches to get an idea of wear Google's next release might fit.

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