The best mattress for back pain just got a rare 20% discount for Black Friday

Levitex Sleep Posture Mattress
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The Black Friday mattress deals are here. The UK offers are a little hit and miss, but one deal that's worth taking notice of is from Levitex. It might look like a regular memory foam mattress, but in reality it's far from it. This mattress has been specifically designed to keep your spine perfectly supported, in any sleep position. I've never seen it discounted before, but right now there's 20% off for Black Friday.

Lots of brands make lots of claims around back support, but Levitex was developed with plenty of medical expertise (the founder spent a decade working in hospitals to provide beds to help chronically ill and injured patients, and is now on a mission to impress upon the world how important sleep posture can be to physical wellbeing and recovery). This mattress has earned a spot in TechRadar's best mattress guide, and you can get the full low-down on why we love it in our Levitex mattress review

Here's a closer look at the deal, and who I'd recommend this mattress to:

Levitex mattress

Levitex mattress

Double size: was £689 now £551.20

Overview: This is a 20cm-deep, all-foam mattress with a removable cover. It might look like memory foam but it behaves differently – it's more responsive, and doesn't trap heat. It has a medium-firm feel, but really it's designed to provide the perfect amount of firmness and softness, where it's needed.

Price history: I've never seen this mattress discounted before. It hasn't been around for ages – around a year max – but even so this doesn't seem like a brand that's going to go big on discounts like many sleep companies do. It usually sits in the upper mid-range, with a double coming in at £689.

Extras: This mattress comes with free shipping, a 44-night trial (which is on the short side, but still enough time to make sure it's right for you) and a 5-year warranty. Returns are also free.

Buy it if...

You suffer from back pain: The Levitex is designed specifically to tackle back pain and keep the sleeper's spine in correct alignment. The foam has been specifically developed to provide the perfect balance of compression to support.

You share a bed: This isn't a bouncy mattress, and it does a great job of absorbing movements. If you share a bed, and you or your partner is a particularly light sleeper, then you shouldn't be disturbed by each other's wriggling. 

Don't buy it if...

 You're on a budget: If your existing mattress is still okay, or you can't quite stretch to a full new mattress, consider the Levitex topper – it's much cheaper than the full mattress, provides an impressive level of support, and you can get 20% off for Black Friday via code BF23. Learn more with our Levitex mattress topper review. Or try the Levitex Pillow. While it won't have the supportive properties of the mattress, In our Levitex Pillow review, we found it did a good job at keeping the spine and head aligned.

❌ You want a traditional feeling mattress: If you want a mattress with a bit more bounce, something like the Simba Hybrid is an excellent choice – and it's cheaper than usual, with 45% off in the Simba Black Friday sale. Read more in our Simba Hybrid Original mattress review.

❌ You want an all-foam bed that feels like a classic foam bed: The Levitex foam doesn't have the slow movement or squishy feel we might expect from an all-foam mattress. Consider the Emma Original for a traditional foam feel – we've compared the two in our Emma Original vs Levitex mattress review. 

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