It’s official: smartwatch wearers feel healthier, are more active and know more about their health

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The results of the Huawei Health Survey 2023 are in, and it certainly makes for interesting reading. Huawei, the tech giant behind some of our favourite health wearables, commissioned a huge survey of over 8,000 adults in eight European markets to find out what they think about their own health - and seeing if using a smartwatch or other wearable can make a big difference.

The survey, which can be read online, reveals that while 82% of Europeans are interested in their physical health in general, half of the respondents are unhappy with their physical fitness - and almost 60% do not have regular health checks.

Perhaps most worrying of all, fewer than 40% of the respondents agreed with the statement ‘I look great’.

From Huawei’s research there’s a clear trend: Europeans aren’t happy with their fitness - but they’re interested in improving it. In fact, according to the survey, 91% of respondents want to improve one aspect of their health - so what’s stopping them?

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Where do you start?

The research commissioned by Huawei highlighted something that many people will feel familiar with: there’s a desire to improve their health, but not knowing how.

This starts with health metrics. 90% of Europeans know something about the major health metrics you need to keep track of to stay healthy, such as physical activity level, heart rate and body fat level, but as the report suggests, the number of respondents who know what the correct level of each metric should be (such as the ideal blood pressure level) was ‘astonishingly low’.

So, Europeans aren’t happy with their health, but are interested in improving it. They also know what kind of metrics they need to keep track of, but they don’t know how to do that - and they rarely monitor their health. So… what can be done?

Well, there’s some good news: they can invest in a smartwatch.

Health tracking, your way

According to the report, almost half of respondents own a wearable device, with just over 36% owning a smartwatch (with Spain being the most wearable-obsessed nation, followed by Italy). However, for the people who do not own a wearable device, over 66% said they would be interested in a smartwatch for its health features.

Owners of smartwatches seem to love their fitness features as well, with 84% saying that the health functionality was an important reason for them buying their watch.

This leads to perhaps the most important aspect of the report - the positive impact smartwatches have had on their owner’s health.

The report highlighted that almost all smartwatch owners (90%) use the health monitoring functions of their devices regularly, and 81% of users agree that the data they get from their device is clear and understandable - helping them to make informed decisions about improving their health.

In fact, an impressive 87% of smartwatch users say they have introduced at least one new healthy lifestyle change thanks to the information and suggestions they got from their device. Almost half of respondents said that thanks to prompts from their smartwatch, they now exercise more often, while 28% said they changed their diet thanks to their smartwatches advice.

If you think having a smartwatch is a bit like having a trainer, health coach and dietician all on your wrist - then you’d be right. According to the report, 88% of owners say their device has improved their physical health. It’s not just about physical health either - 76% said it helped improve their mental health as well.

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Huawei is here to help 

The results of this report are fascinating - but Huawei didn’t just commission it out of curiosity. Helping its customers improve their health is at the core of the company’s mission - with its goals being to bring digital health to everyone - no matter who they are.

This means making complex and accurate health data accessible to all thanks to Huawei’s range of stylish and affordable smartwatches, such as the flagship Huawei Watch 4, which comes with a unique ‘Health Glance’ button that gives you quick access to seven important health metrics, and is also medically certified to carry out ECG examinations.

If you want a stylish all-rounder, then the Huawei Watch GT 4 offers health and fitness tracking in a wide range of styles to suit any taste.

And, for those who want a premium smartwatch that looks amazing and still helps you keep fit, the Huawei Watch Ultimate is a must. Made of super-premium materials, and offering exclusive expedition and diving modes, this is the wearable for extreme sports fans who want to look great.

Finally, the Huawei Watch D offers accurate and dependable medically-certified information, with a built-in inflatable band in the strap which measures blood pressure. There’s not many gadgets that we would say could be literally life saving, but this is one of them.

Thanks to Huawei’s unparalleled research and development teams, the company is on a mission to improve its customers' health - so what are you waiting for?