Sell your iPhone X: how to get the most cash for your old iPhone

Sell your iPhone X
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Decided to sell your iPhone X – which felt so cutting-edge a few years ago – for a brand-spanking new iPhone 11 Pro Max? Or maybe you just need a roll of banknotes to plug the black hole in your wallet? Either way, it’s never been easier to sell your old phone, and there’s a plethora of websites to help you do just that.

When it comes to unwanted goods, eBay is the go-to website for offloading unwanted items and making a few quid. But there’s no guarantee your item will get plucked from obscurity among the billion listings on that platform. And if it does? Well, eBay will take a slice of your asking price.

Phone recycling services are a hassle-free alternative. As long as your handset is eligible and in working condition, you’re guaranteed a sale. All you need to do is visit their website and enter the make of the iPhone being sold, its storage capacity, and what condition it’s in: brand new, used, or broken. The website will then generate a quote and, if you accept the offer, you’ll get a nice cash sum often in a matter of days.

Despite being discontinued in favour of the iPhone 11 series, the iPhone X is still an impressive bit of kit: introducing Apple customers to OLED screens and Face ID technology when it launched about three years ago. By recycling this model, you can net almost a third of its £999 launch-price, which would take the sting out of purchasing the new flagship phone.

So what company is it best to recycle your old iPhone X through? How much cash you might expect to receive for it? And what steps do you need to take before sending the provider your handset? It’s all rather simple, and we’ll explain the process below. 

Where can I sell my iPhone X?

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SellMyMobile | Get up to £170 cash

SellMyMobile | Get up to £170 cash*
There are myriad websites allowing you to transform your old iPhone X into mega moolah. eBay is a popular online option, and Facebook Marketplace helps you sell goods to people in your local area. Meanwhile, mobile providers like 02 and Vodaphone let you trade in your old phone for money off a new one.

But SellMyMobile makes recycling your iPhone X straightforward, and guarantees you the maximum amount possible for your device. It aggregates data from mobile recycling websites so that, all in one place, you can compare the price for your handset from different companies, based on factors like the make, model, and working condition of your phone.

In addition to price it details the companies’ Trustpilot rating, the length of time until payment, as well as how to package and post the item – all in one easy to read list. 

Of course, this isn't the only available website. There are popular options like Music Magpie but with these you're not able to compare prices to other companies so you won't know if it is the best price out there.

Many retailers offer trade-in options as well. Samsung and Apple for instance will allow you to cut down the cost of a new device by giving them your old handset.

How much can I sell my iPhone X for?

To find out how much your handset is worth, type the make of your iPhone into SellMyMobile’s search toolbar and select the relevant option. You’ll then be taken to a page listing a range of quotes from different companies. 

By altering the options on the left-hand side, the offered price will change. This is dependent on the condition and type of device you’re selling, which includes factors like storage capacity, whether it’s brand new, used, or damaged.

Below are a few examples of the amount you can currently expect for your iPhone X, based on various factors:

iPhone X 64GB:

New: £380.00

Working: £327.00

Broken: £200.10

iPhone X 256GB:

New: £381.00

Working: £350.00

Broken: £220.10

The prices stated above are not static and will fluctuate over time. It’s also worth considering that an ‘unlocked’ phone – one that isn’t tied in to a specific carrier – will yield more cash than one linked to 02, Vodaphone, or EE for example. 

How does selling your iPhone X work?

It couldn’t be easier to turn your iPhone X into cash. Just follow these simple steps through SellMyMobile to recycle your handset and get paid for it.

Step 1: Select your device and pick a quote

Go to the website and find the make of your phone using the search tool. Then update the page to reflect your device’s condition/internal storage and, once you’ve found a quote you like, click “Next Step” to enter your contact details.

Step 2: Pack it up and send it back

This step might differ depending on the postage option you chose, but most providers will send you packaging in which you can return your phone to them. Before doing so, ensure that any accompanying forms are completed and sent back too.

Step 3: Collect your reward

Shortly after the recycler receives your phone and verifies its condition, they’ll either a) quickly send your financial reward via bank transfer, PayPal, or cheque as instructed, or b) issue a revised quotation. 

If the latter happens, it’s probably because the phone is more damaged than initially claimed, or there’s a discrepancy between the submitted information and the phone they received. Should you be happy with the new amount, accept it. Otherwise you can decline the offer and have your phone returned to you.

What to do before I sell my iPhone X?

Check out the competition

While SellMyMobile makes comparing prices a breeze, if you already plan on buying a new device with a specific retailer or mobile phone network, then it might be worth reaching out to them first to see what you might save by trading in your old phone.

Examine your device for damage

There’s not a lot of room for nuance on SellMyMobile as your phone’s condition can only be indicated as ‘New’, ‘Working’, or ‘Broken’. Basically, if it’s still in its packaging and unused it’s considered new; working devices have been used but are still fully functional. If it displays signs of damage, like a cracked screen, or the home button is unresponsive, it’s broken. In some instances, your phone might not be acceptable to exchange – if it’s suffered water damage, for example. If that’s the case, it’s best to confirm with the specific provider first.

Reset your phone

If you’re selling your iPhone X you’ll want to erase all its contents first, so that your personal data isn’t compromised. This is easily done via the Settings app, and once the reset has been performed, the phone will be returned to its factory settings.

Don’t forget to do a backup to your PC or iCloud account first, though, if you plan on transferring your personal data, contacts, apps and files – including photos, music, and videos – to a new device.

Ready to make some cash from that old iPhone 7? Head to the SellMyMobile website and get the best price now

Can I sell my iPhone X if its locked to a network?

You can, although the amount offered for a locked phone is lower and varies based on the carrier its linked to. When you receive the packaging for your iPhone X, just tick the box stating that your phone is locked to a network. 

Unlocking your phone will ensure a higher price for your handset, and it’s not too difficult to organise this. First of all, you need to request this with your carrier, which might take a few days to action. Subsequently, you’ll need to insert a new SIM card; or, if you don’t have one, backup your device, erase your phone’s settings, and restore it using the backup.

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