Samsung is giving away a free Galaxy S22 with every 8K Neo QLED TV right now

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Samsung's currently throwing in a free Galaxy S22 smartphone with select Neo-QLED TVs right now as part of its Summer 'Discover Samsung' event.

If you've been eying up one of these amazing premium displays - which are some of the best TVs in the world right now - then today's deal at the official site is the best all year. While these displays do cost at least $2,999 for the 2021 models, getting a flagship smartphone worth $799 by itself is a huge freebie.

It's worth noting that there are also price cuts on all models currently - from the 2021 QN800A and QN900A models to the newer 2022 QN800B and QN900B models. The free Galaxy S22 is up for grabs on all models but a few sizes have already sold out - particularly the smaller sizes - so you might have to hurry if you want to bag a specific variant.

Our pick of the bunch is the Samsung QN900B - which is easily one of the top TVs on the market right now with it's stunning picture quality, colors, and brightness. We awarded this one four stars out of five in our review and it's a fantastic choice if you're looking to be an early 8K adopter. It is, however, the priciest display of the bunch. Whichever model you go for, you'll obviously still get an absolutely amazing display - and a free Galaxy S22.

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Free Galaxy S22 with a Samsung Neo-QLED

save up to $2,500 and get a free Galaxy S22 at Samsung

Samsung Neo-QLED 8K Smart TVs: save up to $2,500 and get a free Galaxy S22 at Samsung
The Discover Samsung summer event is bundling in a free Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship smartphone with every 8K Neo-QLED TV right now. Some of these stunning premium displays were already discounted at the retailer so this $799 freebie is a fantastic cherry on top. While not for everyone, these incredible displays are some of the best on the market currently and a fantastic choice if you're looking to splash out on a 8K display.
QN800A: from $6,499 $3,999.99 (85")
from $4,999 $2,999.99 (65")
from $3,999 $3,299.99 (65")
from $4,999 $4,799 (65")

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