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Microsoft's Surface Headphones given $100 discount

Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has slashed the price of its popular Surface headphones, cutting a generous $100 off the original retail price. 

This is the first time since the headphones' release in November 2018 that we've seen a discount of this size, and it brings the price down from $349.99 to a much more palatable $249.99:

Microsoft Surface Headphones $349.99 $249.99 at Microsoft
These cans boast active noise cancelation, on-ear touch controls, and 15 hours of battery life, making them a great option for commuters – and with $100 off, they're a steal.View Deal

When we reviewed the Microsoft Surface Headphones we were blown away by the fantastic sound quality they offer, as well as their intuitive controls and effective noise cancelation.

Cans for commuting

Although we were initially unconvinced by the high price (particularly when you can buy quality cans from heritage audio brands for less), the features work so seamlessly that it felt justified – even more so with the new discount.

With a battery life of around 15 hours if you have Bluetooth, active noise cancelling, and hands-free Cortana enabled (the latter is only available if you have Cortana downloaded on to your device), they're a good choice for commuters who want to block out the sound of noisy trains, traffic, and their fellow commuters.

We're not sure how long this deal will last, so if you like the sound of the Surface Headphones, it's probably worth snapping them up sooner rather than later.