Looking for a Dell XPS 13? This Core i7 model with a $200 price cut is great value

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The official Dell Store has an exceptional deal on a Dell XPS 13 right now, offering a 2022 model with a Core i7 for just $899 (was $1,099) (opens in new tab).

A $200 saving brings this premium configuration right down into the kinds of pricing you'd usually pay for a baseline model. Overall, it's one of the best XPS 13 deals we've seen this year so far and a great buy for someone who wants a machine that not only looks great but has plenty of power under the hood.

Dell XPS 13 laptop: was (opens in new tab)

Dell XPS 13 laptop: was $1,099 now $899 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Intel Core i7-1250U
SSD: 512GB

Right now you can get a tasty $200 off this fully specced-out Dell XPS 13, complete with not only a powerful Core i7 processor but a full set of 16GB RAM. These components offer a fantastic baseline level of performance alongside the usual selling points for this machine. Powerful, portable, and stylish, this XPS 13 is a fantastic buy for both professional users and those who simply want a premium machine for casual use.

Deal rating: 5/5 

Reasons to buy

It's one of our favorite laptops

Yeah, this is kind of a self-indulgent reason but hear us out. We review many, many laptops each year for our best laptops buyer's guide and the Dell XPS 13 always stands out as one of the top Windows machines you can buy. Over the years, Dell has refined this excellent Ultrabook with well-thought-out design tweaks and this iteration is the best one yet, with super-slim display bezels and a razor-thin body. For more detailed info on this exact model, check out our Dell XPS 13 2022 review.

Excellent specs

This Dell XPS 13 doesn't just look good, it's also packed with some very, very respectable components. Getting a combination of a Core i7 processor, and 16GB of RAM is particularly decent at this price point considering machines in this price bracket are usually exclusively kitted out with modest Core i5 chips. This particular XPS 13 is a step above that and more than powerful enough for most users - even those who run demanding applications. 

Reasons to avoid

A Dell XPS 13 (2022) on a wooden table

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Likely to be a new model soon

Dell has already released new XPS 15 and XPS 17 machines for 2023 and it's fairly likely we'll see an updated 13-inch model fairly soon. If you're looking for the latest and greatest with 13th-generation chips or RTX 4000-series graphics cards, then it's probably better to hold off for now until a new model drops. Will they be as good value as this featured XPS 13 deal today? Definitely not, but they will have the edge performance-wise if that matters the most to you.

Still pretty pricey...

Even with $200 off, this Dell XPS 13 deal is still on the expensive side. If you're interested, we've rounded up a few of this week's best laptop deals on more budget-friendly models just down below.

More great laptop deals this week

Dell Inspiron 15: was (opens in new tab)

Dell Inspiron 15: was $599.99 now $399.99 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Intel Core i5-1135G7
SSD: 256GB

This Dell Inspiron 15 is a smart buy if you need a laptop for light use, general browsing and everyday jobs as it's now it's $150 off. It doesn't skimp on quality components, including an Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. An affordable option, then, that would suit most of your everyday computing needs.

Deal rating: 4/5

Lenovo Flex 5: was (opens in new tab)

Lenovo Flex 5: was $799.99 now $599.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
SSD: 512GB

For an extra boost of high-end performance with added flexibility, consider this Lenovo Flex 5 that's now $200 off at Amazon. It's a powerful device that's easily portable at just 14 inches in size. It also sports a reasonable AMD Ryzen 5 processor and 16GB of RAM to multitask efficiently between work, admin and general use. Plus, there's a 512GB SSD for bucketloads of storage.

Deal rating: 4/5

HP Pavilion 15: was (opens in new tab)

HP Pavilion 15: was $999.99 now $649.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Intel Core i7-1255U
SSD: 512GB

First up in this price bracket is a laptop that we've previously awarded four stars out of five in our HP Pavilion 15 review. It comes packed with top-end components, including the latest generation Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and a large 15.6-inch screen. It's a pricey pick, but in terms of value for money alone, it's one of the best laptop deals available right now. Get it to blast through all of your computing needs: from general work to more intensive applications and multitasking.

Deal rating: 4/5

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