The best Google Pixel 3 XL prices and plans in Australia


Along with its smaller sibling, the Google Pixel 3 XL has finally seen the light of day, officially that is. And, as all the very many leaks revealed, there’s a notch on the top of the screen that clearly sets it apart from the Google Pixel 2 XL.

But there’s more that’s new on the bigger 2018 Google flagship than just whats on the surface. The Pixel 3 XL is a tad more water resistant than its predecessor, with an IPX8 rating, compared to the IP67 of its forebear. You also get 40% louder and richer sound from the new phone, along with a 6.3-inch FHD+ OLED display.

It shares the same octa-core Snapdragon 845 chipset that the Google Pixel 3 is powered by, and also has 4GB of RAM, with a top storage option of 128GB.

Like the Pixel 3, the front-facing camera on the Pixel 3 XL has also been given an upgrade over the previous generation. The dual-lens system is 8MP each, but one is an f/2.2 wide-angle lens while the other is an f/1.8 telephoto. Google has also added plenty of features to make the most of the new camera system.

If you’re keen on upgrading to the new Google Pixel 3 XL, you’ve come to the right place. TechRadar’s Australian deals team always keeps their finger on the pulse of all the best mobile prices and plans in the country, so bookmark this page if you’d like to get regular updates on the best time to get the bigger 2018 Google flagship.

What does the Google Pixel 3 XL cost in Australia?

Bigger handsets almost always carry a heftier price tag, but you’ll be glad to know Google's latest isn't as jaw-droppingly expensive as the iPhone XS Max.

The Google Pixel 3 XL costs $1,349 in Australia for the 64GB storage option, but if you think you need more space, the 128GB option will set you back $1,499.

All three colour variants have arrived Down Under – called Just Black, Clearly White and Not Pink.

When can I buy the Google Pixel 3 XL in Australia?

Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t delay pre-orders: they begin as soon as the new flagships are announced. The 2018 Pixel smartphones were officially revealed in the wee hours of October 10 and are already available for pre-order on Google’s own online storefront, along with select retailers such as JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

You can also pre-order this XL-sized handset from all three big Aussie telcos – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

The handset, however, will only officially start shipping on November 1.

Google Pixel 3 XL plans

The higher the cost of a phone, the harder it is to cough up the entire sum to buy it outright, and you're not alone if you prefer to get your handset on a contract plan.

Google has, historically, partnered exclusively with Telstra to sell its official phones, but that exclusivity has seemingly ended, with the search giant announcing that the Google Pixel 3 XL will be available at both Optus and Vodafone as well this year, giving you lots more plan options to choose from.

You can typically get a 24-month plan from all three telcos, either on a lease or owning the phone at the end of the contract, depending on your needs.

With Telstra, 24-month plans begin at $94 a month on a lease, and goes up to $199 a month if you’re after a heck of lot of data and want to keep the device at the end of the contract. Telstra is also sweetening the deal by offering a bonus Google Home Mini with the Pixel 3 XL. For more options, head to Telstra’s website.

Optus has leasing plans starting from $68 to $125 a month. If you’re prefer to own the phone at the end of the contract period of 24 months, plans begin at $78 for the 64GB and top out at $125 a month. Head over to Optus’ site for more information on Pixel 3 XL plans.

If you'd prefer to partner with Vodafone as your provider, you can opt for 12-, 24- or 36-month plans, depending on your preference. The plans will let you own the phone once the contract has ended, with the cheapest option being the $69.97 option for the 64GB Pixel 3 XL to be paid out over 36 months. The most expensive option tops out at $204.91 per month for a 12-month plan for the 128GB version. For more options, head to Vodafone's website.

Make sure you check back here regularly, as we're currently crunching the numbers and will update this page with all the best prices and plans for the Google Pixel 3 XL so you can find the best deal that works for you.