Exclusive Mint Mobile deal: get 50% off an unlimited data plan today

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TechRadar readers are among the lucky few to gain exclusive access to a new promotion at Mint Mobile this week, with the prepaid carrier offering any three-month plan for just $15 per month.

Available to new customers only, this Mint Mobile deal can secure you a three-month unlimited data plan for just $45 upfront – half of what you'd usually pay for that plan.

Mint Mobile exclusive deal

Mint Mobile: any three-month plan for $15 per month

Mint Mobile: any three-month plan for $15 per month
Attention TechRadar readers! For a limited time only, you can get exclusive access to Mint Mobile's latest deal. This excellent prepaid carrier is offering any three-month plan for just $15 per month, including its new unlimited data plan (which you'll definitely want to choose if you pick up this deal). Note, this promotion is available to new customers only.

Is Mint Mobile a good prepaid carrier?

Mint Mobile offers some of the best prepaid plans out there right now for the budget conscious, with 5G data speeds, unlimited talk and text, and free mobile hot-spotting. Compared to the big carriers, you can save a ton in the long run by heading over to Mint and picking up one of Mint's multitude of cheap cell phone plans.

Unlike most prepaid carriers, Mint operates a 'buy-in-bulk' pricing scheme that offers plans in three-month, six-month, and 12-month allotments. The catch here is that the longer plans cost more upfront, but equate to a cheaper monthly price on average. Simply put, you'll always want to commit to a yearly plan if you can in order to secure the cheapest rate possible.

Prior to this week's exclusive deal at Mint Mobile, new customers were able to get a three-month plan on the cheapest rate possible (yearly). Right now, however, new customers can get even more value by switching over to Mint – saving up to 50% in the case of the unlimited data plan. Since you're not locked into a plan for the long term at Mint (only the amount you initially bought), there's never been a better time to make the switch and try out this excellent prepaid carrier.

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