Early Black Friday deals: get this Razer Book 13 at a staggering discount

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A whole host of early Black Friday deals just landed on Amazon, and this might just be the best laptop discount we've seen: the Razer Book 13, reduced to just £669 from its otherwise costly £1,599.99 retail price.

If you're from the US, don't panic: you can also grab a discounted Razer Book 13, but it's not quite as big a discount, cutting $550 off the retail price of the Mercury White model.

The Book 13 is a bit different from the majority of Razer's laptop line. For starters, it's not a gaming laptop - with integrated graphics running from its Intel Core i7 processor, it'll handle some light indie gaming or older titles but won't be running the latest triple-A games.

Instead, the Book 13 is Razer's foray into the productivity laptop space. This model was originally released in 2020 but don't worry, it's sufficiently equipped to last for years, and now comes pre-loaded with Windows 11.

In our original review, we marveled at the Razer Book 13's speedy performance, near-flawless physical design, and impressive speakers. Its aluminum-carved chassis is immediately reminiscent of the Apple MacBook Air.

Unlike Apple's lightweight laptop, though, the Book 13 packs a solid selection of physical ports and the Intel Evo certification, meaning that it wakes from sleep in an instant and can stretch its battery life for hours with Eco Mode. Oh, and one more thing - this discounted model comes in Razer's pretty-in-pink Quartz color scheme.

If you want a Windows-powered professional laptop rather than a MacBook, the Razer Book 13 is a truly stellar choice. According to our data, it's the cheapest this pink productivity platform has ever been discounted; previous sales only saw its price go as low as £959.99.

As an aside, we're not entirely sure where the 'original' price of £1,228.37 listed on Amazon right now came from - we checked and double-checked, and it appears never to have been sold for that price. When we looked at the Amazon page yesterday, it was £100 off RRP at £1,499.99.

Just remember that if you want a gaming laptop, you should be looking for a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. Don't forget that you can check out our top Black Friday gaming laptop deals instead!

The best Razer Book 13 deals on Amazon

Razer Book 13: £1,599.99

Razer Book 13: £1,599.99 £669 at Amazon
An almost unbelievable deal on Razer's compact productivity laptop, with the bright 'Quartz' colour scheme making it perfect for any pink-lovers in your life. The Razer Book 13 isn't a gaming machine like Razer's Blade series - it's a lightweight but super-speedy laptop with Windows 11, perfect for school or office work. At almost £1000 off the retail price, this is by far the best deal the Book 13 has ever seen.

Razer Book 13: $1,999.99

Razer Book 13: $1,999.99 $1,449.99 at Amazon
Save more than $500 on Razer's premium productivity laptop. The Razer Book 13 isn't a gaming machine like Razer's Blade series - it's a lightweight but super-speedy laptop with Windows 11, perfect for school or office work. This is the clean and clear Mercury White edition, with an RGB keyboard and 4K touchscreen.

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