Buy a Samsung 8K QLED TV and get a free Galaxy S22 smartphone this 4th of July

A Samsung Neo QLED TV and a Galaxy S22 smartphone next to each other on a red background.
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Yep, you read the headline right: if you buy a Samsung 8K QLED TV from the Samsung store as part of this year's 4th of July sales, the tech giant will throw in a Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone for free.

When coupled with the savings that Samsung is offering on its 2022 and 2021 8K QLED TVs – like the $200 discount on this Samsung QN800B TV – you'll be saving at least $1,000 on the TV and phone bundle's RRP.

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Samsung 8K QLED TV: Get a free Galaxy S22 smartphone at Samsung's storeSave $1,000 or more

Samsung 8K QLED TV: Get a free Galaxy S22 smartphone at Samsung's store
Save $1,000 or more – Not only can you save at least $200 on a new 8K QLED from Samsung that offers stunningly crisp visuals, you'll also get an $800 smartphone thrown in for free; that's at least $1,000-off the total list price for these items combined. Plus, while the Galaxy S22 is an incredible Android smartphone, you don't have to keep it; if you don't need a phone you could sell it to get some cash back and make this an even sweeter 8K TV deal.

Samsung's QLED TVs are some of the best out there, and that's especially true of their 8K displays.

Compared to a regular LCD display, QLED TVs offer much more colorful and bright visuals. Their black levels aren't as impressive as their OLED rivals, but if you want full-bodied color in your TV pictures then these are the screens for you. 

On top of that, the 8K display will offer you ultra-crisp resolution, thanks to having four times as many pixels as a 4K alternative. There's not a lot of native 8K content out there right now, but Samsung's Multi-Intelligence AI upscaling will turn your 4K or lower-resolution picture into 8K to make it look better than ever before.

On top of all this, Samsung's 8K TVs are packed full of impressive features, including support for Dolby Atmos, impressive in-built speakers, and the brilliant Tizen smart TV platform. If you want the very best viewing experience you'll want to opt for the Samsung QN900B TV that was released this year, but even last year's cheaper options will seriously upgrade your current home cinema setup.

That's not forgetting the bundled Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone. Much like the 8K TVs, it offers mightily impressive performance, and will effortlessly run every app you throw at it. Its cameras aren't quite as strong as the setup on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but you'll still be able to capture some great pictures with this phone.

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