Best Buy has the cheapest Nvidia RTX-powered gaming laptop on Memorial Day

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Best Buy could have the best Memorial Day gaming laptop deal yet, with an RTX 3060-powered laptop for just $800.

Gaming laptops with such a powerful graphics card tend to be much more expensive than this, so to see the MSI GF65 with a $300 discount is incredibly exciting. It's easily one of the cheapest RTX 3000-powered laptops we've seen this year and a deal that's not to be missed in this year's Memorial Day sales.

The RTX 3060 in this machine is backed up by an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a fast 15.6-inch 144Hz screen, which will help make games feel fast and responsive. Meanwhile, the 512GB SSD will give you plenty of room to store your games. It's worth noting that the processor in this model is an I5-10500H, which is a little older now but still more than powerful enough for decent performance at 1080p settings.

Best Buy Memorial Day gaming laptop deal

MSI GF65, Intel Core i5, RTX 3060, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM: $1,099.99 $799.99 at Best Buy

MSI GF65, Intel Core i5, RTX 3060, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM: $1,099.99 $799.99 at Best Buy
If you've been wanting to play the latest PC games, but sky-high GPU and laptop prices have been putting you off, then you'll love this deal. The Nvidia RTX 3060 is a great laptop GPU, allowing you to play modern games with ray tracing and other effects at 1080p.

Because RTX 3000 laptops are still hard to find, especially at this low price, this is one gaming laptop deal that's definitely worth considering. We've covered a few more options over at our main Memorial Day laptop sales page, but this is our favorite discount so far for mid-range gamers. If you're interested, we're also running a Memorial Day sales live blog with all the best deals today - updated as soon as find them.

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