Limited time only: get a free Xbox Series S or £200 bill credit when you sign up for Virgin Media broadband

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Virgin Media already offered some of the best broadband deals on the market but the company has just ramped up the value even further with some superb freebies. For a limited time only, customers who sign up for Virgin Media can get either a free Xbox Series S games console or £200 in bill credits.

Of the two, arguably the free Xbox is the stronger option but we wouldn't discount the free bill credits. The £200 voucher here is specifically for the provider's excellent broadband and TV packages - and there are plenty of superb options to consider.

For example, eligible packages include the Bigger Movie Combo, the Bigger Sports HD Combo, the Biggest Combo, and the Mega Volt Bundle. Between these packages, we have options for sports lovers, movie aficionados, and just a great all-rounder with average speeds of 132Mbps and 200+ channels from Sky, BT, and Netflix.

Today's best Virgin Media broadband deal

Virgin Media: get a free Xbox Series S or £200 bill credit

Virgin Media: get a free Xbox Series S or £200 bill credit
Sign up for one of Virgin Media's excellent broadband packages today and get yourself a free Xbox Series S or £200 bill credits towards one of the provider's excellent broadband + TV packages. Eligible products include the Bigger Movie bundle, Bigger Sports combo, Mega Volt bundle, or the Biggest Combo bundle featuring over 210+ channels. Regardless of whether you're a gamer, sports fan, movie buff, or anything in between, there's something for everybody with this limited-time-only deal.

Why should you choose Virgin Media broadband?

Virgin Media has always traditionally ranked highly among the best broadband providers and it's one of the most popular internet service providers in the UK overall. For good reason, too, as Virgin Media offers excellent speeds across its entire range of packages. 

For example, even its slowest tier offers a respectable 132Mbps average download speed, while the fastest option offers incredibly impressive speeds of 2Gbps. As of June 2024, Virgin Media offers the following broadband packages: 

  • M125 - 132Mbps average download speeds
  • M250 - 264Mbps average download speeds
  • M350 - 362Mbps average download speeds
  • M500 - 516Mbps average download speeds
  • Gig1 - 1,130Mbps average download speeds
  • Gig2 - 2,000Mbps average download speeds

As you've likely surmised from the featured deal above, Virgin Media also offers a wide selection of broadband and TV bundles, including packages from well-known brands like Sky and BT (TNT Sports). Being a Virgin Media customer also gets you access to O2 Priority, which can be handy for things like pre-sale tickets, voucher codes, and other perks usually exclusive to O2 customers.

Note, however, that Virgin Media doesn't score full marks across the board. Since the service uses its own cable network rather than the Openreach network, its packages are not universally available nationwide. A recent Ofcom report has also shown that the company ranks poorly for handling customer complaints - something that's backed up by its poor score of just 1.6/5 on Trustpilot

If you'd like to cast the net out further and see what else is available this week, simply scroll down to see a selection of broadband packages that are available in your area. Simply enter your postcode to see a selection of relevant packages.

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